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Jim’s earliest years were spent on a small cotton and dairy farm in Northeast Texas (Delta County). In his early teens, drought drove the family to a farm in the Texas Panhandle (Oldham County).  A wannabe cowboy and baseball player, Jim spent most of his career helping clients reach their financial goals and pay the lowest legal taxes possible. To scratch his cowboy itch, he owned a western wear and tack store called Chute 1, team-roped, and traveled across Texas by horse and covered wagon.

Jim writes what he knows in both fiction and non-fiction, believing that stories told in fiction are often the best method of getting closer to the truth. He is an award-winning author of eight novels, two story collections, one memoir, four business books and many newspaper, magazine and blog articles and stories. He is a professional speaker, was twice named one of the most influential accountants in America, and a former CPA, CFP, CLU and stockbroker.

He lives close to his roots and the stories he tells on Bar Nun Ranch in Campbell, Texas, just off Dunbar Creek with wife Jan, horse Shooter, and cat Jade.

  • Award-winning author of seven novels, one story collection, one memoir and many newspaper, magazine and blog articles and stories
  • Former CPA, CFP, CLU, Stockbroker, Licensed Securities Principal
  • Author of four business books published by John Wiley and Sons
  • Qualified for the Registry of Financial Planning Practitioners
  • Twice named one of the most influential accountants in America
  • Distinguished Alumnus of East Texas State University
  • Jim’s work has been featured in Writers Digest, Forbes, Accounting Today, Dow Jones Investment Advisor and many other publications.
  • Former team roper and owner of a western wear and tack store
  • Led a covered wagon and horseback trip across Texas
  • Enjoys hearing from readers


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