Believing in a Grand Thing


A River of Stories . . . It’s Been Quite a Ride, a collection of true stories, drew more per-sonal responses from readers than any book I have written with the possible exception of my first novel, In the Rivers Flow. Most wrote about the final section, Believing in a Grand Thing. Their words are very rewarding and inspirational. Some readers battled life-threatening diseases; some struggled with life-changing events; some just appreciated an affirmation of their faith and to know they are not alone on life’s journey.

In this section, I tell stories of my long, meandering and often interrupted journey to-ward faith from the viewpoint of a layman not well-versed in theology. But I supplement my personal experiences with wisdom from those I consider to be among the best Christian apologists, pastors, theologians, and writers. I share my doubts as well as epiphanies on life’s journey.

Many expressed a desire to have this last section printed in a small book. Here it is, complete with a few extra words at the end to honor a lost loved one.

Thanks for sticking with me.




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