Jim Ainsworth—What He Writes and Talks About

Jim has written, taught and entertained audiences on subjects as diverse as financial planning, time management, politics, selling, the cowboy life, the value of family stories, setting and reaching goals, writing and publishing.  His focus is to entertain, inform and inspire audiences about the power of stories in our lives.

Materials available for download:



      Circle of Hurt
      Firstborn Son
      Rails to a River
      Go Down Looking
      Home Light Burning
      Rivers Ebb
      Rivers Crossing
      Rivers Flow

    Story Collection

      Believing in a Grand Thing
      River of Stories


      Biscuits Across the Brazos

    Business Books

      How to be a Successful Financial Consultant  (John Wiley & Sons, NY)
      Marketing and Selling Financial Services (John Wiley & Sons, NY)
      Financial Planning Practice Guide (John Wiley & Sons, NY)
      Recipe for Success in Financial Planning


      Featured in Forbes, Dow Jones Investment Advisor, Accounting Today, and Financial Planning News
      Author of Newspaper Column Money Talk

Programs & Seminars

    Jim has made over five hundred presentations—this is a partial list. He will customize his presentation to match the audience

      Jim’s 38 Gems—Things I Know Now That I Wish I Had Known Then
      Using T-O-P-S to Reach the Top
      Bridging the Chasm
      Cowboy Accountant
      Reflection: The Art of Looking Back
      Starting Life Over—A Story of Elevators Umbrellas and Boredom
      When Coincidences Are Not
      Prosperity Consciousness/A New Way of Thinking About Money
      The Best Things about Reading and Writing
      Old Country Graveyards
      Arriving Where We Started
      Seven Days in Utopia vs. Two Days in Albany
      The Last, Really Last Roundup
      The Magnificent Seven Minus Six
      Recognizing Signs and Godwinks
      Jimmie Rodgers, George Clooney, Johnny Cash and Daddy
      “Who Knows?” on the Quien Sabe
      Riding Eagle’s Nest
      A Tale of Two Biscuits and Five Generations
      Homecoming, Tom T. Hall and Me
      Twenty Bucks and Twenty Hours is all I Want
      Learning the Hard Way—Myths and Realities of Writing and Publishing
      Guilt and Fiction
      Is One Life on Earth Enough?



      Achieved the most recognized certifications in the financial services industry:
      Certified Public Accountant—CPA
      Certified Financial Planner—CFP
      Chartered Life Underwriter—CLU
      Series 7 Registered Representative
      Series 24 Licensed Securities Principal

    Honors and Awards

      Distinguished Alumnus, East Texas State University
      Twice Included on list of 100 Most Influential People in Accounting in America
      Qualified for membership in Financial Planning Registry
      Featured in Forbes, Dow Jones Investment Advisor, Accounting Today


      Founder of nine companies ranging from retail to financial services to publishing
      Conducted over 10,000 interviews with individuals and families over thirty years
      Amateur Team Roper
      Roundup ranch hand—Still working on being a cowboy




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