Believing in a Grand Thing . . .

A bit of a departure in theme for this author. Found the book brimming with anecdotal incidents that reflected his personality and the simple but profound message really resonated. —piney woods books

Don't judge a book about its size as this book is packed with numerous spiritual truths. Jim reveals the human aspect of a spiritual journey and those big issues that often perplex most of us. His use of real stories from real life assist the reader in understanding various spiritual concepts. His understanding of the Word came from countless hours of in depth study. He is to be commended for his passion to be a knowledgeable writer on such an important topic. The book is indeed inspiring filled with love, forgiveness, and hope for the future. I hope this inspirational book wins many awards as the student was ready and he masterfully applied knowledge from the Master.
—L. B. Kibler

Cowboys take off their hats to pray. When Jim Ainsworth took off his hat this time, he gave us a glimpse of what makes him tick. In sixty pages he shares a synopsis of the answers he has found to Christianity's greatest questions, along with his views on faith, prayer, forgiveness and a host of meaningful topics. If you have enjoyed Jim's novels, take a little time to see inside this man. He speaks the language that many of us understand. This is a little book you will keep and reread. —George Aubrey

Believing ... spoke to me. Your thoughts and questions mirror what most of us think but are unable to put into words.
—Bobbie F. Purdy


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