Circle of Hurt . . .

I love the format of Circle of Hurt. He successfully brought back to memory happenings which brought Tee to Riverby and a member of the circle. I have fallen in love with Riverby and the residents and hope to hear more about them. I could not put the book down, and highly recommend it. —Barbara Brown

All you meat-eaters out there, this is a book with plenty of meat on the bone. I was immediately drawn into the story. The plot is fresh and interesting. The protagonist is well developed, believable and likable, as are the extremely well done secondary characters. The setting of mood and place are precise and comfortable. This is a complex book presented in quick, efficient prose that contains pain, pathos, hope and victory. The story unfolds at just the right pace and is racing along by the climax and satisfying resolution. Ainsworth has several excellent books, and this one is a worthy capstone for his body of writing to date. I highly recommend this book to all readers. —George Aubrey

This book, as are all of Jim Ainsworth's books is Awesome. Mr. Ainsworth draws one into the story until you feel like one of the characters. One can find a bit of themselves in each character, love, hate, sadness, worthlessness, pride etc. I have read all of Mr. Ainsworth's books, some of them 3 to 4 times each. They make wonderful gifts for your reader friends. When each book comes out, I always fear it will be the last one. But thank God, since I was introduced to Jim's writing there has always been another one.
And you will love the books, but even better is the opportunity to hear Mr. Ainsworth speak. He is tremendous.
Thanks Jim for many entertaining hours. —Charlotte Hilliard

With this book, Ainsworth, in my opinion, has made it as a complete writer/author. Once I got into the "Circle of Hurt", I was there, I mean really there, with Tee, Jubal, Blaze, and all the other characters - every step of the way. I strongly felt the emotions that Ainsworth embodied into each character. For some reason I even shed tears on page 344 when Cutt, Tee's Father-in-law & Jubal's Granddad, was introduced into the story. The tears were on & off for the remainder of the book. Guess I especially related to Cutt. A cliche obviously, but I did not want to put this book down and subsequently finished it in 5 bedtime readings. By far the best of Ainsworths books & certainly in the league with the best writers. Anxious for his next book. —Amazon Customer

 Ainsworth hits another home run with Circle of Hurt. Picking up where his previous novel ended, we find Tee Jessup and son Jubal adapting to life in quiet Riverby, TX, a sleepy little down on the verge of an unimaginable nightmare. Ainsworth's characters come to life as we share their love and joy mixed with hatred and sorrow in a compelling saga told in only the way Jim Ainsworth can tell it. Bravo!
—William Thompson

Jim Ainsworth is a master at taking characters and weaving a tapestry from the threads of life which are designed from unexpected events and with colors of brilliance as well as darkness. Circle of Hurt exemplifies such as those with wounds and those who triggered wounds are woven together. The unfolding of the healing process for the participants in the Circle of Hurt is indeed inspirational. The reader realizes that man has a God given need to be understood, loved, and forgiven. The author skillfully details how that need can be met. I can’t wait to enjoy a sequel detailing a new tapestry woven from the life of Tee and Jubal.  —L. B. Kibler


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