Firstborn Son...

Jim Ainsworth makes his characters come alive and feel like people you have known for years. I have never read any similar books. —Texas Lady

Jim Ainsworth is a truly brilliant author. His characters are so real you feel that you know them. How he manages to bring these brothers to justice is amazing. This book clearly shows how multiple siblings can turn out so differently. Two of them stay true to form. The apples not falling an inch from the tree, but one of the brothers is totally different. If not for him none of his family would have survived to adult hood. Being the firstborn of the bunch gives him, he thinks, the responsibility to care for the others. — Charlotte Hilliard

The author weaves a tale of a fatally flawed family, with enough tragedy, pathos and secrets to keep it interesting. The protagonist is very likable, and a man who feels called to save his dysfunctional extended family. His efforts are often to his detriment, usually unappreciated, and ultimately very costly to him. The secondary characters are well-developed and are the brother or cousins in our own families. A well written tragedy. Excellent read. —George Aubrey

Jim Ainsworth’s characters in Firstborn Son are so earthy ... so human ... so true-to-life, one fancies having encountered them in day-to-day life ... walked the streets they walked ... breathed the air they breathed. Their story is so artfully told, one wonders where the boundary lies between what is truth and what is fiction. — Bobbie F. Purdy

I so agree that this book is true-to-life. I could encounter them daily in my small town. It is hard to tell while reading this book where the boundaries of truth and fiction lie! I could hardly wait to see what Ben Tom Lawless would do next to help his family which he fights for to the end. He is so creative and talented...and he uses this to help others, not himself! Don’t take my word for it, get this book and read it! —S. Smith

In Firstborn Son, Jim Ainsworth breaks from the Rivers family with an introduction of a new set of characters. All are interestingly developed and woven into a wholesome story of family loyalty and sense of responsibility. It is another example of Ainsworth’s evolving story telling prowess. — Jake G

Firstborn Son is a “can’t put it down” book. Jim Ainsworth has delivered another wonderful story, leaving you with wanting more about this family. I started reading Jim Ainsworth’s books about two years ago and to date have read eight of his books and highly recommend this author’s writings. — Barbara Brown

Love all of Jim’s books! Read Rails to a River before this one because some of the characters carry over. Jim knows how to keep a story flowing. You will like this one if you are a student of human nature. — J. A. Cross



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