Newly republished from Sunstone Press, Biscuits Across the Brazos is the story of how two biscuits and two journeys across Texas brought together six generations of a family. The two biscuits, wrapped in wax paper by loving hands, were clutched and protected on their first journey across Texas by a seven-year-old boy. The boy had watched those loving hands make the biscuits for his journey.  On the covered-wagon trail, he refused to eat them, instinctively sensing that they represented a part of his life that he would never experience again.

The biscuits survived to repeat their journey across Texas and across the Brazos River by horseback and covered wagon eighty years later—this time in the hands of that boy’s son.  The adventures encountered on this trip across Texas when that son and his cousin try to measure up to their ancestors take readers along for an enlightening journey that changes lives.

This story is about two journeys across Texas. Both journeys were by covered wagon and horseback. The first took place in 1918--the second in 1998. The author and his double cousin recreate the journey from West Texas to East Texas that their ancestors undertook 80 years earlier. It deals frankly with the difficulties of recreating conditions as they were eighty years earlier and provides a fascinating look at people encountered in the 325 mile ride. The second journey begins with the search for the lost great-grandfathers grave and ends at the final campsite of the original travelers. Daily remarkable spiritual or significant events make the story fast-paced and easy reading. A special connection to eighty-year-old biscuits carried on the original journey is the reason for the title. Without glorifying any person or aspect of the family, it allows the reader to connect with his own memories through the unique experiences of the people in this account. Selected for presentation to the East Texas Historical Association, Delta County Cultural Association, to be reviewed for Texas Books in Review and the Texas Folklore Society. The author has been asked to make nine presentations to date on the book which should result in significant orders.

    This saga is an amazing mixture of the old west of 1918 and modern 1998 west.--
    Dr. Otha Spencer, Commerce Journal



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