GO DOWN LOOKING is another stunning novel from the author who gave us HOME LIGHT BURNING and the Rivers series. I was drawn into the story from page one, both for its authenticity-- a Jim Ainsworth trademark-- and the elegiac quality of the writing. Readers will fall in love with the highly skeptical and ever authentic Jake Rivers. You will find yourself caring deeply what happens to Jake and his family through all their struggles with life, and with one another. GO DOWN LOOKING will break your heart at times, and the outcome will be both moving and fully satisfying. --from Suzanne Morris, author of GALVESTON and The Clearharbour Trilogy

Go Down Looking is truly a gift from Jim Ainsworth to his readers. He does a terrific job of capturing both small town America and the dynamics of what was family life in that era. I know that "Go Down Looking" is a baseball term, but Jim Ainsworth uses it as a metaphor for the lessons that Jake Rivers learns by watching his older brother, Gray Boy swing at everything that life throws his way. A wonderful gift to us Ainsworth fans.

Jim has such a way with a story. How I would love for someone to pick up his books and make a movie out of them! This book makes you think...it makes you hurt right along with the characters...and that makes the characters more real, more interesting, and leaves one with an ache inside for them.

Ainsworth is a truly gifted writer who brings his characters to life in a most believable and interesting way. He describes his books as "fiction based on real events" and unveils his characters and plot lines in such a way that the reader cannot distinguish where the truth ends and the fiction begins. I'm a devout Ainsworth fan, and find it hard to believe that we have not seen his novels transformed into movies. I've already cast all the characters in my mind and can see their faces and hear their voices in Ainsworth's prose. If you haven't read Ainsworth, you are truly missing a wonderful experience.

Jim Ainsworth has a great writing style, and his use of the metaphor and simile is exceptional. His characters are truly realistic--no super heroes--just folks living their lives the best they can with all the ups and downs of humanity. Listen for the music; search for the flow.

Ainsworth's deft words encapsulate the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of his realistic and interesting characters. You are not only inside Jake's mind as he discovers the vagaries and truths of relationships, family and corporate life; you care about him, you really care about him. The universality of Jake's episodes and the drop-dead veracity of the characters and their dialogue produce what I think any serious author of contemporary fiction would strive for: reflective thought, deep empathy, life recalled and lessons learned. Reading Ainsworth is a joy and I think he is one of the great undiscovered talents who will richly deserve the success he will find.

Jim Ainsworth has managed again to bring old events, old friends and neighbors, and old memories back to the written pages. With each character, we are able to envision someone we knew back when. Jim recreates those familiar folks with each book he writes. What a delightful way of making us all remember again things we have long forgotten. We are all looking forward to the next Rivers story.

Go Down Looking is truly a masterpiece and one worthy of movie consideration. I felt I was experiencing the events myself as I laughed, cried, and feared for Jake during some of his escapades. His character is so fascinating that a broad spectrum of readers will enjoy the survival of a very complex young man.

I have enjoyed reading all my life--have read all kinds of stuff-- this from one who thoroughly enjoys the written word. Jim Ainsworth has a better grasp of the English language than any author that I have ever read. When he writes a scene or a situation he describes it in such terms that put you inside the pages of the book-- you see, feel and touch the moment.

I thought it would be impossible for Jim to write another book that lived up to the standard he set with his Rivers trilogy, but I was wrong. This one is even better. It completes the story of the Rivers family; it makes you feel the music. Jim H. Ainsworth is my favorite author/bar none.


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